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The Get nAiled

The Get nAiled 2016 e-Sports Tournament hosted by n00b Alliance, concluded successfully on 26-27th November at ICBT campus, Bambalapitiya. Gamers from all over the country took part in this highly anticipated fixture in e-Sports calendar where rival clans went head to head showcasing their gaming skills.

Energetic environment created at the ICBT University was a welcome change from the usual challenging LAN tournaments at gaming cafes. Massive number of players and enthusiasts, close to a thousand have participated representing their clans and gave their best to compete with their fellow gamers for two days in 5 gaming titles. 3 team games – Call of Duty 4, Dota 2, League of Legends and 2 individual titles – FIFA 16 and Mortal Kombat.

Atmosphere was emphatic from the day one and players, with the backing and cheers of their clan mates gave their best to compete against tough opponents.

Phoenix Gaming dominated Dota 2 and an incredible showdown was displayed by underdogs, PNX Team Trixters, when they beat PNX Thè Kadè with two convincing wins winning the grand finals of a best of three series. Team Trixters were dominating the entire Dota 2 series by winning every single game they played with their new roster. Phoenix gaming also enjoyed the spoils of League of Legends where PNX Team Phoenix beat the runners up PNX Insomniac Gaming Alliance.

Mortal Kombat had 32 participants and it was all about Xiphos gaming going against n00b Alliance where Xiphos gaming emerged victorious as x3.Zombi3 beat x3.Metal_Storm in a close 3-2 win.
n00b Alliance’s Sadiromer was victorious in FIFA 16 after beating PNX.dhishi 3-2.

As usual, Call of Duty 4 was the biggest attraction with 43 teams participating and it went down to the wire on the second day. Tech Morph’s TM.EnvyUs played against TM.iPwn in the semis while TM.420.GHLK went against n00b Alliance Phase 2. After an intense best of three maps, Tech Morph EnvyUs won the Call of Duty 4 Title at Get-nAiled ’16 with a come-back win against n00b Alliance Phase 2. where nA won the first and TM won the second and third maps.

nA vs EnvyUs mr3

Tech-Morph Gamers would like to appreciate all the hard work and effort put up by the hosts n00b Alliance and crew for the brilliant tournament and successfully concluding Get-nAiled 2016.
Best of luck to all other clans and participants in upcoming SLCG.

Cheers to all TM Participants


TM.Team Morphers.PALIT
TM insight’zero.PALIT
Techmorph Team ISIS
TM BanB xFire
Tech Morph 420.GHLK.Palit
Tech Morph Team Lunaticz

TM | LuckY13.Gaming
TM | Rising Tide

Nveen ‘Merlin’ Kooray
Ashen ‘Penaldo’ Katagoda

(Images are a property of n00b Alliance gaming)


              Tech-Morph EnvyUs won the Call of Duty 4            


        N00b Alliance Phase 2.0 Runners up Call of Duty 4