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It’s the end of an era and the start of new competition

POSTED BY KAYJAY September 21, 2016

Shots get fired in the world of virtual soldiers every day. It’s the nature and it’s what makes shooting games so action packed. In Sri Lanka, Call of Duty 4 prevails as the most demanding game with over 100 active teams taking part in event each year. The kill streaks build unity among this massive community despite all the deadly shots. But not all the shots are fired just in game.

Among those over one hundred teams, one name we all know as a fearsome opponent is Team iPwn. Since 2012, Team iPwn has been slaying the battlefield by winning several tournaments and eliminating teams 13-0 whenever they saw the opportunity. Under the honor of Xiphos eSports – one of Sri Lanka’s top eSports clans, iPwn currently stands as the Sri Lankan COD champions by winning at Sri Lanka Cyber Games in 2015.

While being in the orange and black robes of Xiphos brought them their biggest victory so far in their journey, Team iPwn made a massive announcement on September 17th saying they have gone green blood by joining the former Best Clan winner, Tech Morph.

The announcement shook the community. It’s an end of an era, and the start of new competition. The news brought many questions to all but today those questions have been answered! Here is what iPwn had to say about their massive change:

  1. Was iPwn invited by Tech Morph or was it a sole initiation made by iPwn?It was a sole initiation made by team iPwn.
  2. Why did iPwn decide on this change?
    Since our main game is Call of Duty 4 the idea behind this change is joining a clan who plays COD4 actively.
  3. Why Tech Morph over other clans?
    Main reason is we are good friends in the gaming world and the outside world (Many TM boys are like best friends to us). Also Tech Morph has many active call of duty players.
  4. What do you’ll expect from Tech Morph that Xiphos eSports couldn’t provide?
    It’s more like what they could provide. They have good players, they are active and when there are many teams playing for one clan in a tournament there will be a good support.
  5. How do you think this will affect your clan’s performance, old and new?
    Old, yeah this will affect them big because we were like the only active cod4 team in X3 and we won last year SLCG under their clan tag. For TM I think we’ll both have advantages among us playing with each other teams and with practicing.

  6. Any roster changes?
    Yeah there will be roster changes in near future. It’s too early to say who is leaving and who’s coming.
  7. Does this major change follow a civil war between the clans?
    Well I don’t think so. Because we were there in DC/X3 for more than 5 years and we have won many tournaments under there tag. Also this clan change things isn’t due to a personal issue or any other issue. Even in the resignation many members were given their blessing to our new beginning. So I don’t think there will be any issues with our new clan.
  8. Not all will accept this. What message for those who don’t?
    Actually people who are lot closer to us know what we were going through last few years and what are the disadvantages we had being only active COD4 team in a clan. We had many difficulties in tournaments regarding draws, support and yet we were able to counter them fighting with the odds and achieve our targets. So many will accept this and the people who aren’t will accept this once they got know what we’ve been through.
  9. Brief us on the terms of joining TM.
    To be honest we didn’t ask them anything and there is not a single condition. So far they have treated us extremely good and support is really satisfying. That’s all we need.
  10. What’s the ultimate goal now?
    Start practices again and to do our best in SLCG 2k16.*And thank you team GLK for this interview because I’m pretty sure people are having doubts about this clan change and what were the reasons behind this and this interview will help them to clear them*

Goals have been set and new rivalries have been formed for all teams and clans equally. With this unexpected change, the pressure for the title and for the overall Best Clan title has fired up! Stay tuned to hear about the latest news about Team iPwn and about their performance under new colors soon!

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